• The 12th Asia-Pacific Harmonica Festival – Beijing, China
    August 04 – 07, 2018

    APHF is the largest harmonica gathering in the Asia and Pacific region. Beginning in 1996, the APHF has been held by countries and regions in Asia-Pacific and has an increasing number of participants each time. With its rich programs and activities, as well as world-class guests harmonica masters, It has quickly become one the world’s largest harmonica events

    This time it was hosted in Beijing, the capital of China, where it was filled with workshops, contests, concerts and shops.

    Rohans performance was very much appreciated and he came first in the Solo Daitonic Junior category and third in the Solo Daitonic Senior category.

    Also his grandfather Mr Dileep Naik came second in Solo Diatonic Senior category. It was great to meet all the harmonica friends.

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